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The Original Shammy (42x)

The Original Shammy is a must-have at your car wash! These car wash towels absorb and absorb while still wet. They come in one large size that's reusable and machine washable. To use, simply wipe over the exterior surface of your car.


  • Each box comes with 42x Shammy's
  • 31.75cm x 42.54cm
  • Individually wrapped for easy resale
  • Each box comes mixed with two Eye-catching bright colors, Yellow and Orange
  • Non-abrasive and will not scratch surfaces
  • Holds up to 21 times its weight in liquid
  • Wash and dry vehicles
  • Use it for polishing vehicles
  • Machine washable & bleachable

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The Original Shammy (42x)

The Original Shammy (42x)

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