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Mosmatic Foam Injector - 90.087

Use the Mosmatic 90.087 Foaming Chemical Regulator for applications like self-serve car washes, sanitation cleaning tasks, and the food industry. This stainless steel regulator is installed in between a pump or pressure washer and the high-pressure hose. The chemical dial can be adjusted to move between thick and thin foam. Foam covering allows for better cleaning results with more concentrated chemical saturation.


  • Inlet: M22
  • Outlet: M22
  • Pressure Rating: 4000 PSI
  • Maximum Temperature: 212° Fahrenheit
  • Throughput Maximum: 12 GPM
  • Throughput Medium: pH 3-12

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    Mosmatic Foam Injector - 90.087

    Mosmatic Foam Injector - 90.087

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