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IDX MX10 24V Multiplex Controller

24VAC Multiplexed Control. 1 second on and off delay. Monitor 8 inputs from bay location to tire cleaner or any other low pressure system. Will turn on the output device motor, pump, etc. Will also eliminate lock up on air pumping system. 

Low Pressure Pump Controller - 1 Second Delay for On & Off Starts

The IDX MX10 controller with 1 second delay helps eliminate air pump lock ups and low pressure pump cycling. 

  • Multiplexer for low pressure delivery system
  • Longer life on rotary vane pumps & spot free pumps
  • Saves on chemical
  • Reduces air lock on air pumps
  • 8 inputs at 24VAC with 1 output
  • Output Voltage 24VAC or 120VAC
  • Output Load 25AMPS
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum heat sink
  • 1 second delay for both on and off starts

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        IDX MX10 24V Multiplex Controller

        IDX MX10 24V Multiplex Controller

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