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MA850 - Direct Replacement for MA800 Acceptor

IDX MA850 Series deliver optimal coin recognition and acceptance with minimal hassle and simple installation. Accepts six different coins or tokens and includes anti-stringing credit sense optics, accurate electronic size detection (within 0.015"), and patented metal sensors for proper metal discrimination.

Fully field programmable for adjusting to new coin types or configuring coin pulse rate. Offers useful security features including processor circuit and shielded relay with universal relay wiring power wires for high longevity and reliability. Great for use with a number of different machines for maximum flexibility.

Faceplate Footprint: 2" W x 7.75" H x 3.8" D


  • Pre-programmed for U.S. quarters and U.S. dollar coins
    • Can be reconfigured to suit user's needs
  • 4-wire hookup
    • Power Wires: Yellow 24V AC hot / Black 24V AC
    • Common - Coin Wires: (2) Red Green
  • Power Sources: 24V AC/DC Standard
    • Optional 12V DC
  • Coin Diameter Range: 0.832" - 1.126"
  • Coin Thickness Range: 0.059" - 0.085"
  • Slide-on water resistant access covers
  • "Credit Test" push button
  • Used with: IVS/Ginsan, Doyle, JE Adams, Etowah, Dralco, D & S, National Pride machines

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            IDX MA-850 COIN ACCEPTOR

            IDX MA-850 COIN ACCEPTOR

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