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Quality Matters: Why Low-Grade Chemicals Can’t Hold Up

by Matt Petrie |

When cleaning cars are your core service, it is critical to invest in the right chemicals to deliver a consistent clean, dry, and shiny vehicle for your customers. One particularly vulnerable part of the automobile is the exterior paint finish. It’s the first thing customers see when a car comes out of the car wash, so it is crucial to properly clean and prep the exterior surfaces before applying any finishing products. High-quality car wash equipment and effective cleaning products are vital in delivering a clean, dry, and shiny car.

What to look for in Quality Chemicals?

Industry insiders look for products that are consistent with performance and usage level. Product characteristics such as foam thickness or density and coverage, colour, scent, glossy finish, lubricity, viscosity, wetting and level of the tire shine are essential features in vehicle cleaning products. A key indicator that quality chemicals are used is the condition of the vehicle once it exits the wash. The car should be clean with enhanced surface shine, and the glass should not show an eyebrow. The tires should be free of dirt, brake dust, and grease. Lastly, there should be no new scratches, stains, or blemishes on the car.

Poor Quality Car Wash Chemicals

The leading indicator of poor quality car wash chemical is a lack of formula stability. When this happens, the chemical splits into two or more layers and leaves undesirable residue, dirt, and road film on the vehicle. Other warning signs include gelling, cloudiness, haziness, crystallization, and abnormal or foul odors. These indicate formula instability, an improper balance of raw materials, or poor formula preservation, which can affect your overall customer satisfaction and sales.

Why Choose Turtle Wax Pro

Consumers are not exposed to chemical products until they are on the vehicle, so they look for a trusted name brand that has a reputation for producing high-quality products. Turtle Wax Pro products have a long heritage of quality manufacturing behind the name. Turtle Wax Pro take extreme care in formulating each product, from raw material selection to final performance validation. Each product formulation passes stringent formula and package stability testing prior to sale. No product leaves the factory until it has been inspected and meets all quality standards.